A Tribute to Hugo

A Tribute to Hugo

As some of you already know Hugo’s vet, Dr. Ann Middleton of the Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center, helped him to pass on January 14, 2010. His mom, Bob and I were there with him showering him with all the love that everyone had for him and for his mom for all she had done to enrich Hugo’s life.

He was a cuddle bug – yes, Hugo had turned into quite a lover – right up until he left us. He solicited neck rubs from us and even did an abbreviated elevator butt.

It is so hard to accept this fate and difficult to believe Hugo is really gone. I do find solace though in the fact that Hugo found a loving home and had blossomed into a wonderfully friendly and confident cat.

You are gone from our daily lives Hugo, but you will never be forgotten!

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